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Johnson County is fortunate to have a vibrant network of local organizations that seek to improve the lives of residents. We have partnered with several of these local organizations to co-create the JCHPF as a place that enhances public services to all. Johnson County is thankful to the more than 30 local organizations that have contributed their time and ideas to the JCHPF.


Three committees have been formed to gather feedback on infrastructure improvements and ensure that the farm is developed to meet community needs and desires.

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People standing in front of the North Shed talking
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Community Action Team (CAT)

The CAT consists of representatives from different organizations and agencies that serve Johnson County residents. The main role of the CAT is to assess the needs of the community members they serve, and find opportunities for the farm to fill those gaps. The CAT has also advised on different projects such as the design of the Healing Trail and the preservation of the Asylum. The CAT is always open for membership by local non-profits, agencies, and community groups.

Disability Advisory Committee (DAC)

The DAC was created to provide space for those who have disabilities or care for people with disabilities to be in an advisory position when it comes to the development of the site and considerations for their needs and historic connection to the site. This committee provides feedback on site improvements, activities, and future developments to ensure a disability-first framework.

To remain true to its role and responsibilities, the committee determined that 60% of its membership should be people with disabilities and 40% should be able-bodied members. The DAC is always accepting applications and is limited to 10 individuals.

Historical Resources Group (HRG)

The HRG is made up of local professionals from public, private, and educational institutions with a background in historic preservation/research. The HRG oversees many of the historic aspects of the JCHPF. Their work is much needed as the very nature of the farm makes it difficult to gather artifacts, pictures, and stories from or about former residents. For instance, many families may not have known they had relatives at the farm or are ashamed to admit that they did.

We'd love to have you aboard!

The JCHPF is always excited to build new partnerships. If you think the farm could fill a gap in your services or you would like to join one of the farm’s committees, plesae fill out the form below. 

Would you like to learn more or sign up?
Which organization are you interested in?
  • Astig Planning LLC

  • Builders of Hope

  • City of Iowa City

  • 4 C’s Community Coordinated Child Care

  • Confluence Landscape Architecture

  • Discovery Cottage Preschool

  • The Global Food Project of Iowa City

  • The Housing Fellowship

  • Iowa Valley Resource Conservation and Development

  • Iowa City Genealogical Society, Iowa City Historic Preservation

  • Iowa City Neighborhood & Development Services

  • Iowa City Building & Inspection Services

  • Iowa Vocational and Rehabilitation Services

  • Johnson County Conservation Department

  • Johnson County Food Policy Council

  • Johnson County Historic Preservation Committee

  • Johnson County Historical Society

  • Johnson County Soil and Water Conservation & Continuum Ag, LLC 

  • Mayor’s Youth Empowerment Program

  • RDG Planning & Design

  • Systems Unlimited

  • Trust Fund of Iowa City


Our Partners

Johnson County logo

The Johnson County Historic Preservation Commission

The Johnson County Historic Preservation Commission is a group of nine county residents tasked with preserving and promoting historic preservation.

JCHS Logo.jpg

Johnson County Historical Society

The Johnson County Historical Society is a private, non-profit group committed to serving the public by furthering an appreciation of the historical and cultural heritage of the Johnson County community through education, preservation and interpretation. They host free, guided tours of the Asylum Building and Historic Poor Farm grounds upon request.

Johnson County Soil and Water Conservation District logo
Continuum Ag, LLC logo

The Johnson County Soil and Water Conservation District
& Continuum Ag, LLC

In 2017, The Johnson County Soil and Water Conservation District secured a National Association of Conservation Districts’  Urban Conservation Grant. This grant will implement conservation practices and drainage infrastructure on the farm. These efforts are being carried out with the assistance of Continuum Ag, LLC, which conducts twice monthly soil testing to evaluate changes in nutrient availability and soil health. Aerial and ground imagery are used to document the project’s progress.

Johnson County Conservation logo

The Johnson County Conservation Department

The Johnson County Conservation Department manages natural resources and outdoor recreation areas throughout the county. Several native prairies, river access areas, and small community parks provide a variety of services in natural resources recreation, and conservation. This department advices on the establishment and management of several conservation practices on the Historic Poor Farm site, including the 15-acre pollinator plot.

City of Iowa City logo

City of Iowa City

The Johnson County Historic Poor Farm is located within Iowa City limits and has benefitted from past planning efforts that preserved the historic character of the site. City staff and city council have been very supportive of the recent development of the site into the New Century Farm, and have provided resources to preserving its heritage while creating a publicly accessible destination.


Impact 7G

Impact7G, Inc. is a full-service environmental consulting firm based in Johnston, Iowa with four additional offices throughout the Midwest. The company employs a diverse group of environmental professionals to deliver information required for effective decision making in environmental compliance, water resources, natural and cultural resources, and more. Impact 7G provides environmental planning and management services for the 7 year Natural Area Management Plan at the Historic Poor Farm.

Iowa Valley Resource Conservation and Development logo

Iowa Valley Resource Conservation & Development

Iowa Valley RC&D is place-based and uniquely built to address varied local needs and concerns. Our team works to grow local economies, strengthen food systems, foster protection and enhancement of natural resources, and develop awareness for the arts, history, and culture. We have been fortunate to work on the Historic Poor Farm in both the hands-on capacity as farm managers, and in the development of the Master Plan.

Global Food Project of Iowa City logo

The Global Food Project of Iowa City

The Global Food Project of Iowa City connects newly arrived and established Iowa City and Johnson County residents through sustainable local food production, educational events, and community gatherings. We provide a safe, nurturing, and inclusive environment for sharing life experiences, building trust between cultures, and embracing the diversity of our fellow Iowans.

We are fortunate to also partner with a number of agencies, organizations, and departments:

Backyard Abundance, Builders of Hope, 4 C’s Community Coordinated Child Care, Confluence Landscape Architecture, Discovery Cottage Preschool,  The Housing Fellowship, Trust Fund of Iowa City, Iowa City Genealogical Society, Iowa City Historic Preservation, Iowa City Neighborhood & Development Services, Iowa City Building & Inspection Services, Iowa Vocational and Rehabilitation Services, Johnson County Food Policy Council, Mayor’s Youth Empowerment Program, RDG Planning & Design, Systems Unlimited

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